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This Week: September 24

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Featured Vendor:

Juice Harbor

Juices, Smoothies, Elixirs and Healthy Snacks


JUICE HARBOR products are

  • Organic - Locally Sourced
  • No HPP- Zero Waste
  • Handcrafted, and freshly bottled and packaged in small batches for optimum flavor and quality.

About Juice Harbor~

The food world is a very noisy place today.  Some are beginning to say we’re in a food bubble, with so many trying to profit off of the latest trend, or miracle drink.

Juice Harbor isn’t about what’s trending.  It is 100% about the love of juice, great taste, nutrient density, and how great one can feel after choosing something good for you.  

 It's about fuel for where you're at that day.  Feeling great after getting through a grueling workout.  Getting some balance back after a basket of fries, that pint of ice cream, or pub crawl.  Or, just wanting something to brighten life in the cubicle, or long commute.  

A toast to being a great mom sitting on the soccer game sideline each week, when there's so much to do in the day.  And, having great options for the kids.  

Making great choices for yourself, and those you love. 

Anchoring yourself, and enjoying the moment.  


Yaamba marimba band


YAAMBA plays Zimbabwean dance music on the marimba, with the melody driven by a rhythmic beat. They've been playing together since the 1980s. All the acoustic instruments, including soprano, tenor, baritone and bass marimbas, are made by wood worker and musician Bill Murdoch. The band’s hometown is Seattle, WA.

Band members include, Michael Martin, Treg Isaacson, John Switten, Ranann, Kevin O'Conner, Ken Lewis, Angela Carey, Kathleen Arends, Bill Murdoch.

Kids Table:

Amazing Squash

Sponsor of the Week:

Mercer island center for the arts (MICA)


Mercer Island Center for the Arts will be a cultural focal point on Mercer Island where Islanders and people from throughout the Puget Sound area gather to converse and create, to celebrate excellence in the lively arts, and to inspire generations of artists, audiences, and students through exceptional live performances, special events, exhibitions, and educational experiences.

Special Event:

Tasting by New Seasons