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Join us for our LAST main season MARKET this Sunday, October 8! The market will not be open again until the Harvest Market on November 19. 

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Featured Vendor:

Windy N Ranch


Please welcome Windy N Ranch to MIFM. They will be rounding out our 2017 season with us. They offer beef, pork, lamb, goat, poultry, pheasant, turkey and more.

From their website:

Ranch Family

We are a family owned diversified meat ranch specializing in beef, pig, lamb, goat, fryer chickens, stewing hens,  free range duck eggs all on our Certified Organic pastures. Our goal is to produce the cleanest and most nutritional food for the continued health of you and your family, while ensuring that our animals live the best life possible. To that end, our animals are never fed nor given antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, stimulants or ionophores and our certified organic fields do not receive herbicides or pesticides. We are located in Ellensburg in the center of Washington State just east of the Cascade Mountains.

We enthusiastically promote tours of our ranch so that we can explain and show how we operate and care for our animals. We believe this is an important aspect in building the client/rancher relationship as it allows you to be connected to the source of your food, and we’ve found that people who have been on our ranch turn into big flag wavers. We are Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) and USDA Certified Organic, both of which are difficult certifications to obtain. Getting your order is easy! You can schedule a pick up right here at the ranch, or, alternatively, we also make frequent trips to an affiliated Bellevue office where you can pick up your order. Organize your group or family and come on out to see how clean, nutritional food can be produced in an environmentally sustainable ranching operation with the welfare of the animals as a top priority.




Michele Mcnany

Musician, Artist, Singer/Songwriter


Michele's passion for music began at an early age. Born in Taylor, Michigan in 1961 she started singing in city choirs and writing songs at an early age. Moving north to Alpena, Michigan while in Junior High School she took up piano and accordion and at age 14 started performing in her uncle's family bar.  Her first official song was written at age 12 and she picked up a guitar and her harmonicas to sing her way into a duo in the late 70's while in high school called Season's Change, (easy rock).  

After graduation her family moved west while Michele headed east to follow her music passion - spending two summers in Wildwood, NJ.  Moving back near her family in Oregon she continued writing and playing. For 30+ years Michele has enjoyed the local Northwest music scene while exploring a variety of genres during her time in Portland. From country to blues in the late 90's she eventually moved to her favorite genre “folk”.  Performing as Crystal Moon and joined by a variety of musicians throughout the years, Michele also performed as a solo artist accompanied her vocals with guitar, piano, harmonica and accordion.  

Singing in a smooth, warm and often haunting vocal, Michele's distinctive style of story telling encompasses her songs and reflects her deep compassion and empathy for the world we live in. Relocating in 2014 to Washington she continues to be inspired by the great Northwest and her new material is a reflection of that. Playing locally while continuing her artistic efforts as a songwriter and performer she launches her debut EP “With You Now” in March 2016, adding two new singles late summer "Thinking Of You" and "You Never Can Tell" while continuing to work on her second album due later in 2017. 

With five singles released in late fall of 2015 an instrumental version of “Leaves Fall Down” was picked up by a publisher in Jan 2016.  Her new album “With You Now” is a collection of songs from the past and songs of today.  Her latest song "Home" distills and reflects the beauty of the Northwest and the love of community in which she calls home.    


In hopes to offer monetary support to the "NW Fire Fund", Michele’s 2015 release of "Washington Is Burning" is dedicated to the Firefighters, EMT's, Police and "others" who risked their lives during the tragic state fires. A portion of each download goes to support the NW Fire Fund and Red Cross for local natural disaster recovery.  

Michele's musical influences would include the likes of:  Sarah McLaughlin, Natalie Merchant, Nanci Griffith, The Civil Wars, Eva Cassidy, Phoebe Snow, Rosie Ledet, Carole King, The Indigo Girls, The Guess Who, Dan Fogelberg, Shawn Colvin and Tracy Chapman. 

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